Are your dentures:

loose or ill-fitting?

slipping or rocking when you chew or smile?

making you feel self-conscious when they move?

At Mi Dental Stony Stratford we are able to offer you a wide range of options above the conventional denture design.

These can be specifically tailored to you, and with a range of budget options.

Flexible dentures


The benefits of flexible dentures are:

  • They provide a snug, flexible fit around your teeth and gums
  • They are lightweight
  • Stress absorbing to significantly reduce risks of cracking and breakages.

Chromium dentures


The benefits of chronium dentures are:

  • They are extremely strong
  • They are fitted to your existing teeth to reduce gum sores and pressures
  • They free up your palate and allow you to taste your food again!
  • The chromium metal frame is designed to not show on your smile, as shown below.


Still want more? Why not consider a Locator denture?

Anchors are used to clip your denture in position, give you great stability and confidence.

Are there any alternatives to having to wear a denture?

Why not consider bridgework or implants?

No gagging or gluing.
No slipping or rocking.
No taking them out at night.
They make your teeth feel like your own again.

Please ask Mitesh or Indra for more information about the best possible options for you.

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